Are Leo diamonds worth it?

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Are Leo diamonds worth it?

Leo use several different grading labs to certify their diamonds which include the GIA, GSI and IGI. I would not recommend diamonds certified by GSI and IGI – they offer inflated grades on subpar diamonds and lack the integrity and consistency of GIA and AGS certified diamonds.

How much is a Leo diamond ring worth?

If you own a Leo cut diamond, you know firsthand that they are not cheap. For example, a 1 ct. round Leo Artisan diamond might be priced at over $8,000 while a comparable round diamond from an online diamond retailer might be priced at $3,000 – $4,000.

What is the minimum clarity and color for the Leo Diamond?

Leo Diamonds are available in a range of carat weights and in a variety of shapes – brilliant round, princess cut and emerald cut – to suit your style. 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold or platinum settings perfectly enhance a Leo Diamond’s beauty. Leo Diamonds have a minimum colour of I and clarity of SI2.

What is the most popular ring setting?

The single-stone claw is arguably the most classic and popular ring setting. The primary reason you’d opt for a claw setting is that it spotlights the center stone more prominently, therefore allowing more light to interact with the diamond resulting in more sparkle.

What is so special about a Leo Diamond?

Every patented 82-facet The Leo Diamond® is cut after careful calculations and precision lathing so as to release its incomparable brilliance. The unique faceting arrangement allows superior “Return of Light”, making LEO visibly brighter than conventional round diamonds of similar carat, color and clarity.

Is Leo a good engagement ring?

Leos are born leaders, so they value strength and durability. That’s why they favor Platinum, the strongest metal, as shown in this classic platinum engagement ring.

What is so special about a Leo diamond?

What is the difference between a Leo diamond and a regular diamond?

It’s a patented cut that’s much different from traditional ones due to a higher number of facets. More precisely, a Leo cut diamond has 66 facets, while a standard one has 57 or 58 facets. These are available in all kinds of shapes, including the most popular round, princess, radiant, emerald, cushion, and marquise.

How can you tell if a Leo diamond is real?

It should have a certificate with an identification number, so make sure to look for that even if you’re purchasing the stone on the internet. Its grading report contains all information about quality characteristics. As we said, a real Leo will also have a laser-inscribed ID number as additional proof of authenticity.

What is the difference between a Leo Diamond and a regular diamond?

What grade are Leo diamonds?

IGI Certification of 4C’s Grading It certifies The Leo Diamond®’s unsurpassed 4C’s grading (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight), proving its unparalleled quality (for every LEO weighing 0.18ct or above).

Do Leo diamonds have serial numbers?

Every certified diamond has a unique LEO identification number gemscribed into the girdle of the diamond. Take your LEO to any authorized jeweler and they will put your diamond under a magnification scope and and give you your diamond’s unique LEO ID Number.

How much does a ring setting cost?

Whatever the reason you have for resetting your ring, most local jewelers will be able to assist you. Depending on the type of metal, how intricate the style is, and a few other factors, the cost to change a ring setting may range from $80 to over $250.

How can you tell if a Leo Diamond is real?

Where can I buy Leo Diamond Rings in the UK?

Shop online for Leo Diamond Rings from Ernest Jones, the Diamond and Watch Specialist. Free UK delivery on orders of £100 or more or collect in-store Skip to main content 20% off When You Spend £1000 USE CODE 20OFF

What makes the Leo Diamond so special?

Handcrafted by Leo Schachter, one of the leading fine diamond companies, the Leo Diamond is captivating, breathtaking and desired by women everywhere. Forming the stunning centrepiece of an exquisite collection of rings, pendants and earrings, it is available only at Ernest Jones.

Why choose a Leo artisan® engagement ring?

Handcrafted by leading diamond cutter Leo Schachter, the fire, sparkle and brilliance ratings of the Leo Artisan® collection, are second to none in its class. Every Leo Artisan® solitaire engagement ring is guaranteed to score three very high ratings, white light, coloured light and scintillation on the GemEx Light Performance Report.

How much is a Leo Diamond ring worth?

What is so special about the Leo Diamond?

Is cathedral setting more expensive?

Due to their ornate design, cathedral settings are often a cost-saving style as there’s little need to buy additional diamonds or features. Many choose a cathedral setting because they’re gorgeous, timeless and not too decorative.

Are cathedral settings popular?

The cathedral setting is one of the most popular settings for engagement rings. It’s classy and sophisticated, putting your diamond or gemstone in the limelight. Like the graceful buildings that they’re named after, cathedral settings are stately and timeless, and have been a favorite for centuries.

What is the minimum clarity and color for The Leo Diamond?

Are all Leo diamonds lab created?

Whether mined or lab-created, all of our diamonds live up to the brilliance, fire, and sparkle you expect from LEO. We place integrity and compassion above all, which includes responsibly sourcing 100% conflict-free diamonds.

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